luxury interior design that is distinctly you

Remarkable spaces with fresh originality.

You’re not just anyone. Your home is not just any home. You crave things that are different. You live for out-of-the-box ideas and breaking rules. You’re in a class of your own. And your home should be a place that reflects and mirrors the individual you are.

This is your time to be bold and fashionably edgy. It’s time to invite a heightened sense of style and luxury interior design into your home. Break through the norms and trends, and open up to the possibility of something that embodies you and your unique style.

Luxury interior design that’s sophisticated, fresh, and feels just right.

Design that defines home.

Elegant | Timeless | Avant-Garde | One-of-a-Kind

You’re one in eight billion. We help create unique and bold luxury interior design that looks and feels true to the one-and-only you.

Elizabeth Afendikova and her team invite you to come home to whatever that means for you. We love designing luxury interior spaces that break molds and drop jaws.

We implement a highly personalized approach where we take time to get to know you. We believe great interior design starts with understanding who’s living in and enjoying the space. We get to know your needs and desires and deliver cutting-edge luxury interior design that embodies you.

Memorable Interior Design that Creatively Expresses You.

We Understand the Importance of Standing Out

What Sets Us Apart in Luxury Interior Design:

Luxury Interior Design services by Dallas Interior Designer Elizabeth Afendikova

Luxury Interiors for the Unconventional Soul

Intentional, Luxury Interior Design that Reflects You

Ready to push some creative boundaries?
So are we.

Our luxury interior design studio is located at University Park, Dallas, TX. Elizabeth Afendikova and her team serves luxury interior clients in the Dallas County area including Dallas, DFW Metroplex, and remotely coast-to-coast.

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