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Corprate Interior Design for Mata Hari House in Dallas TX
Elizabeth Afendikova's Corporate Interior Design for Mata Hari House. contact her for your commercial interior design project
Mata Hari House Corporate Interior Design

Corporate Interior Design

Mata Hari House in Dallas, TX

This young, eccentric, artistic client came to us with a business plan that was still in the works. She had a big dream of opening a one-of-a-kind private event space and art gallery that was fully furnished and equal parts welcoming and thought-provoking.

We prioritized elements in this maximalist interior design project that are especially impactful for commercial and corporate spaces including lighting, custom seating, and wallpaper. The result was an inspiring, you-better-look-twice kind of space that is remarkable.

Elizabeth Afendikova offers commercial interior design, corporate interior design and luxury interior design
Corporate Interior Design by Elizabeth Afendikova

Unconventional | Art-Centric | Maximalist

Maximalist corporate interior design that dares to define.

This maximalist corporate interior design project was enjoyable, and offered plenty of opportunities for the business owner’s personality to boldly shine through. Next time you’re in the Dallas area, visit Mata Hari House and tell them Elizabeth Afendikova sent you.

If you’re looking for a venue that exudes sophistication and style, look no further than this hidden gem. The art and ambiance are beyond exceptional. The blend of art-centric and maximalist design has been intentionally curated for every corner of the space. The stage is set for an atmosphere that’s truly unique.

Ready to dream your big dream and create a corporate space that pushes creative boundaries? We’d love to chat with you. Contact Elizabeth Afendikova to get started on your commercial interior design project today.

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