Elizabeth Afendikova offers commercial interior design, corporate interior design and luxury interior design
Elizabeth Afendikova offers commercial interior design

Infuse Your Space with Originality

Your clients will feel the love for what you do with our commercial interior design.

You need to stand out when you’re building a business and brand

Your clients and customers have other boutiques to shop at, restaurants to choose from, other lawyers to hire, and other entertainment to seek out.

But there’s only one you. You’re the only one with that unique passion, that special touch you add to your customer experience, and that gets the results you can.

That’s the magic that sets you apart.

Commercial interior design that’s been personalized for you can change your business and change your life.

Our commercial interior design services are built on trust, effective communication, and prioritization of your business’ individual needs.

We take commercial interior design to the next level and customize our process every step of the way, to ensure no stone is left unturned.

If you’re ready for a commercial space designed to set you apart and elevate the client experience through sophistication and luxury, you’re in the right place.

Elizabeth Afendikova offers Corporate Interior Design and commercial interior design

Outstanding Commercial Interior Design so You Stand Out

Elegant | Timeless | Avant-Garde | One-of-a-Kind

Our full-service commercial interior design service is for you if:

Elizabeth Afendikova's Corporate Interior Design for Mata Hari House. contact her for your commercial interior design project

What our full-service commercial interior design service includes:

With our commercial interior design, we handle all the details such as quotes, purchasing, communicating and scheduling contractors, final installation, and all the behind-the-scenes details that bring your vision to life.

Everyone should feel the love for what you do as they step into your commercial space.

Infuse your business with originality, and stand out.

Intentional, Luxury Interior Design that Reflects You

Ready to push some creative boundaries?
So are we.

Our luxury interior design studio is located at University Park, Dallas, TX. Elizabeth Afendikova and her team serves luxury interior clients in the Dallas County area including Dallas, DFW Metroplex, and remotely coast-to-coast.

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