A bedroom designed in the contemporary interior design style by Elizabeth Afendikova who offers classical interior design
A bedroom designed in the contemporary interior design style

New Wave and Classical Interior Design

We intentionally incorporate old and new and create cutting-edge design that stands out.

A home designed to reflect YOU is life-changing

Unique and bold classical interior design that feels true to the one-and-only you, we approach each project as an individual experience and bring in design inspiration from all over the world to create an outstanding space you won’t soon forget.

Elizabeth Afendikova and her team specialize in designing luxury and classical interior spaces that break molds and define design.

With our personalized approach, we take time to get to know you. Great interior design is centered around who’s living in and enjoying the space. Our interior design portfolio features luxury interior design that embodies the clients we serve.

Check out our classical interior design portfolio featuring a seamless blend of old and new.

“Design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.”
Norman Foster
Elizabeth Afendikova offers Corporate Interior Design and commercial interior design

Commercial Interior Design

See the transformation in this corporate interior design project that’s anything but conventional.

Contemporary interior design by Elizabeth Afendikova

Contemporary Home Staging

A contemporary interior design featuring a light, natural airy look brings this Dallas, TX home to life.

Dallas Kitchen Staged to Sell with custom home design

Staged to Sell in Scandinavian Style

The home is clean, upscale, and sophisticated with a hip vibe that greets you the moment you step inside the front door.

Modern Home Staging in Dallas Texas

Modern Home Staging

This upscale and modern staging project feels like home and is ready for it’s new family in Dallas, TX.

Elizabeth Afendikova Interior Designer offers transitional interior design and luxury interior design

Transitional Interior Design

This transitional interior design project seamlessly blends together elements of modern design with traditional for a one-of-a-kind look and feel in this home.

Whether you’re into the distinguished and timeless look of classical interior design or prefer an out-of-the-box modern approach we’re excited to create a design that’s a unique expression of you.

Intentional, Luxury Interior Design that Reflects You

Ready to push some creative boundaries?
So are we.

Our luxury interior design studio is located at University Park, Dallas, TX. Elizabeth Afendikova and her team serves luxury interior clients in the Dallas County area including Dallas, DFW Metroplex, and remotely coast-to-coast.

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